Personal Work


Interwoven is an interactive multimedia installation made in collaboration with my friend, Elaine Lo. The project was showcased at the Galltin Arts Festival 2018. Interwoven combines the natural tactility of found material with physical computing. As the viewer approaches the piece, LEDs light up across Interwoven's surface, activating the work and the space it occupies and implicating the viewer in this exchange. This responsiveness reflects the ethics of living responsibily during a time of anthropgenic climate change and environmental injustice. Interwoven is an interactive work that emphasizes the need to look to life as a diverse assemblage of inter- and intra-related entanglements, connections, branches, and networks, and a way of seeing all living things as kin. Full documentation on how we made Interwoven can be found here.



ZAIJIAN (再见) combines illustration and photography to create an interactive website to commemorate my time studying in Shanghai. The website can be found here.